Hi, I'm Prism

Minecraft Server Development & General coding specialist. I have been working on Minecraft servers for over 3 years now. I have experience in coding frontend development, backend development, Discord bot development. system administration, Minecraft server development, advertising and more. I can code in Java (which I compete with in USACO), Javascript, C++ (kind of), HTML, CSS, and Python. I take pride in my work's quality and my comms are open. Feel free to take a look at my work below :)

Network status: Online


Owner @ TwilightMC This is my main project as of right now. It is a state of the art Minecraft Server network, which is highly polished and 100% non p2w. As of right now, we're working on a few custom minigames to compliment our very unique smp.

Sir. Bot

Owner @ Sir. Bot 100% free Discord bot that can do pretty much everything the big bots like Carl bot, and MEE6 can do, but better.

Prism Cloud

Owner @ Prism Cloud Private hosting network for large Minecraft server networks, webapps and more. Providing the best hardware (i9 13900ks, etc) for cheap prices.

Want to hire me?

To hire me please send me a DM on Discord! @prismce